Norwegian pop singer and songwriter Alida made her debut with a progressive electronic pop sound in 2012. Her first single «Feathers» made a significant mark on Norwegian radio and she has followed that up with a string of strong singles since then. She has established herself as a go to writer for producers and labels, and after a short break focusing on writing for other artists, she returned to the scene in 2017 with «Cool with it». Now she´s back with her new single "No Money". Alida is playing at the Øya festival in Oslo later this year.

Alida grew up on a hill, outside Stavanger on the west coast of Norway, with big dreams of performing and writing songs for a living. Her first concerts started at an early age while she performed in front of multitudes of teddy bears lined up on her bed. At the age of nine she began singing into a tape recorder and listening to herself for fun.

- I would spend hours everyday alone in my room just imitating artists I liked and singing some of the things I made.

It wasn't until she was eleven that anyone heard her potential. After performing at a school talent show she received acclaim from her fellow students and teachers inspiring her to go on to a music high school. She has been writing, singing and playing piano ever since. 

Being a songwriter by profession sounds like something close to a dream life. What does a normal week for you look like?

- “A normal week” is a very foreign concept to me! Every week is so different, but what most of my weeks have in common is that there is a good amount of writing music. I often work with other producers and songwriters in studio sessions. It’s great to meet up, even with people I’ve never met before, to create music together. My sleeping pattern is completely off right now, cause we often work quite late. I find it so much fun though, we get to hang out, goof around and make stuff we like.

- I also love writing for other artists. It’s such a privilege to get to work and help talented and great artists to express themselves, lyrically and musically. I learn so much about myself and other people by just entering in to someone else’s world and mind, and connect in this way. It’s truly a special thing to be able to work with people like that. Other days, when I’m not in studio sessions, I like to sit by the piano and write songs on my own. It’s a really important time for me, as I get to write whatever I feel, and I can be completely free in my creativity. 



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