Stockholm: HIT WARNING! He has worked under the radar for most people, but he caught the attention of American producer/DJ Moby.  Now, MYXE has created a banging anthem for 2017, and we love it! 

Born in Stavanger, Norway, MYXE started out buying an old Yamaha Electone organ he found in a newspaper ad at the age of 13. He got hold of his first music producing software at the age of 18 and started producing his own tunes. 

How did it all start?

- I was around fifteen when I started listening to dance music. I mean, I kinda grew up listening to Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren earlier, but it wasn´t before I was fifteen I really started looking into other artists that wasn´t so mainstream.

Since then he´s worked steadily under the radar for most people, but one day he caught the attention of American producer/artist, Moby. 

- The first thing I did was to say; No freakin way it can´t be true. Then I read through the email about twenty more times. It was from Moby´s mananger. He said that Moby really liked my remix, and I just couldn´t figure out why, but I guess he just liked my sound and offered me a deal to release my stuff through his label. 

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Most of MYXE´s songs are created in an old school way, on real instruments. 

- My favorite instrument today is definitely the piano. I still play a lot of guitar, but I find it easier to work on new melodies and projects using the piano. On top of that I also find it more fun to play with, I can sit with the piano for 2-3 hours just jamming on absolutely anything that pops in to my head. That being said, If there´s an after party and girls present, the guitar all of a sudden becomes my best friend. For some reason the majority of girls are still more into rocking tunes on a guitar than a Hans Zimmer piece on piano.

Breaking All The Rules is a collab with American kick ass singer/songwriter DVNNI. Based in LA she´s one of the most exciting new names on the scene, having written and collaborated with some of the biggest House/EDM DJs.

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