New York based Disco Killerz has a history of successful collaborations, and their latest single once again sees the production duo teaming up with another artist, this time in the form of Norwegian singer/songwriter Alida. 

Disco Killerz consists of Matthew Danger & The French. Their music is regularly played on dance radio and featured on Spotify’s leading playlists. They have been featured in numerous publications such as Dancing Astronaut and The Music Ninja. Disco Killerz currently has two singles out with Armada Music. "Trouble" came to life after a search for a new voice.

- Scandinavian singers have this tone that brings a very unique quality to pop and electronic music.  There´s a subtlety to the accents and mannerisms, and a delivery that gives just right balance of commercial with an slightly quirky edge that really does it for us. 

Alida´s debut single "Feathers" was a major hit in her native Norway a couple of years ago, and UK newspaper, The Independent, put the spotlight on her saying "Alida is one of the most exciting new artists to come out of Scandinavia". Since then she´s been firmly established as a solid songwriter through her own solo singles as well as collaborations with other artists. 

- When we heard Alida’s song, "When I die”,  in late 2015 -  we knew she had “that thing”, so we reached out. She brought that perfect balance of qualities to Trouble, as we knew she would. Fortunately, we got to her early on and its amazing to see the success she has had this past year with CLMD (on Armada Music, where we have been releasing for the last 2 years), as well as the double platina hit "Wasting your time"  with JCY. 

Are you excited to hear the full collaboration? Check it out Friday August 4th on Spotify, or your preferred music platform now.
PS: You can listen to a little teaser below.

Alida is signed to Sony ATV Music Publishing through Starbox Music. 



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